Friday, August 29, 2008

I enjoyed it and Dim Sum

It was now time to head back to San Francisco for our last night before we flew home. We stopped at the Santa Cruz boardwalk but didn't stay, it didn't look like anything we were in the mood for. Lot's of crowds and a carnival atmosphere.

That night we wandered the streets of San Francisco one last time. Tired of chasing cable cars, we took a cab to China Town and sampled the food from a couple of places. One place we stopped was a garden room at the top of a tall building with a view of China Town. We sat in the bar and observed the Chinese staff watching the Olympics in Beijing. You haven't lived until you see people watching the Olympics in their homeland, while in the states.

On to the next place. This is where I was introduced to Dim Sum. They had an extensive Dim Sum menu and I fell in love. I'm a sucker for tiny appetizer size foods. The dishes that walked by didn't look bad either. My fear as I sat there was that I probably wouldn't find Dim Sum in Detroit. Wrong. I guess there is a place in West Bloomfield that rivals anywhere (called Shangri-La). Your best bet is that I will be there soon and giving a review.

After we left China Town we headed to Little Italy (aka North Beach). This area is quite the club scene. We were supposed to just stop into a small place with an acoustic guitar or something. Nope. We wandered into a strip club instead. This is where I got my lap dance by a girl (duh). When inside one of these establishments, if you are a girl, I suggest NOT going to the ladies room. No matter how bad you have to go. Even if you have to wet yourself. I'm serious. When I asked where is the rest room, I was directed to an elevator upstairs and told to "go left when you get off". I thought hmmm, the men's room is right here by the entrance (insert nervous eye twich here). Against my better judgement, I pressed the up button anyway. When the door opened, the "VIP" area was to the right, the girl's restroom to the left. They should have told me that by "left" they meant duck and roll to the left as soon as the door opens. Instead I stood there for a second (in my defense, it was really dark with some sort of red lighting). Some guy who was near the VIP area grabbed me and started to hug me and said "I Love You". I pushed him away and said "I'm just going to the restroom". What was that supposed to mean? I'm not sure.

After I did my business, I was afraid to walk back out. Once I got up my courage and made my way back to the elevator, I experienced the longest 2 minute elevator ride ever. Unfortunately a VIP "couple" got on with me. Just what I didn't want. The guy obviously didn't want his time over.

The next day is when I experiened a 757 thru Delta. This airline definitely has the best customer service I have experienced, but that's just me. We flew to Detroit via Atlanta. That is way too much flying, but that 757 made up for it.

We could have flown to Ireland with all that flying.


Briana said...

LOL you got mulled in a strip club out of an elevator. Ha!! I bet dh loved hearing that!

Insane Mama said...

hmmm strip club mulling and the best airline? Sounds like everything went well