Friday, August 29, 2008

I enjoyed it and Dim Sum

It was now time to head back to San Francisco for our last night before we flew home. We stopped at the Santa Cruz boardwalk but didn't stay, it didn't look like anything we were in the mood for. Lot's of crowds and a carnival atmosphere.

That night we wandered the streets of San Francisco one last time. Tired of chasing cable cars, we took a cab to China Town and sampled the food from a couple of places. One place we stopped was a garden room at the top of a tall building with a view of China Town. We sat in the bar and observed the Chinese staff watching the Olympics in Beijing. You haven't lived until you see people watching the Olympics in their homeland, while in the states.

On to the next place. This is where I was introduced to Dim Sum. They had an extensive Dim Sum menu and I fell in love. I'm a sucker for tiny appetizer size foods. The dishes that walked by didn't look bad either. My fear as I sat there was that I probably wouldn't find Dim Sum in Detroit. Wrong. I guess there is a place in West Bloomfield that rivals anywhere (called Shangri-La). Your best bet is that I will be there soon and giving a review.

After we left China Town we headed to Little Italy (aka North Beach). This area is quite the club scene. We were supposed to just stop into a small place with an acoustic guitar or something. Nope. We wandered into a strip club instead. This is where I got my lap dance by a girl (duh). When inside one of these establishments, if you are a girl, I suggest NOT going to the ladies room. No matter how bad you have to go. Even if you have to wet yourself. I'm serious. When I asked where is the rest room, I was directed to an elevator upstairs and told to "go left when you get off". I thought hmmm, the men's room is right here by the entrance (insert nervous eye twich here). Against my better judgement, I pressed the up button anyway. When the door opened, the "VIP" area was to the right, the girl's restroom to the left. They should have told me that by "left" they meant duck and roll to the left as soon as the door opens. Instead I stood there for a second (in my defense, it was really dark with some sort of red lighting). Some guy who was near the VIP area grabbed me and started to hug me and said "I Love You". I pushed him away and said "I'm just going to the restroom". What was that supposed to mean? I'm not sure.

After I did my business, I was afraid to walk back out. Once I got up my courage and made my way back to the elevator, I experienced the longest 2 minute elevator ride ever. Unfortunately a VIP "couple" got on with me. Just what I didn't want. The guy obviously didn't want his time over.

The next day is when I experiened a 757 thru Delta. This airline definitely has the best customer service I have experienced, but that's just me. We flew to Detroit via Atlanta. That is way too much flying, but that 757 made up for it.

We could have flown to Ireland with all that flying.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Pebble Beach is his church

I think this is where he started to whimper and claw at the window.

I had no idea this stop was so important to him, but look at that smile.

We ate lunch on the porch behind him.

I don't normally take pictures of food because well, it's just food. But feast your eyes on that lobster sandwich.

That cheese cake is a piece of art I tell you.

Our view of the 18th hole from where we sat and ate lunch.

get back here... you can't climb on that


The Monterey Spa and Hotel is on Cannery Row in Monterey. It was a bit overpriced for what you got, but then we were comparing it to the Tickle Pink. I didn't take a picture of it and I regret not getting a picture of the lobby.

Mr. Right looking at kayak'ers out our window.

More hot tubbing but this time on the top of the Monterey hotel. It was early, so there is fog and you don't get an appreciation for the view but I bet you can detect that Mr. Right is hung over.

What is funny about our Monterey stay is that everyone told us there isn't much to do on Cannery Row and that we would probably stay at the hotel. Cannery Row was actually bustling with people (Friday night) and we saw an awesome band at Sly McFly's.

17 Mile Drive

We hit the 17 Mile Drive on the way to Monterey. I thought Mr. Right was going to pee himself as we drove by Pebble Beach.

I swear I don't normally look like Chubaka and why didn't I just leave the sunglasses on. The new Carmel tshirt doesn't say tourist at all.

calm down, we will go to Pebble Beach tomorrow

Rocky Point

At this point we turned north on the Big Sur coast toward Monterey. We stopped for beer lunch at this cute little place out on a cliff hanging over the ocean. We sat right here, outside.

Inside there was a fly so we moved outside after I asked for a fly swatter and the waitress brought me a glass of ice water.

holy crab sandwich!

Pfeiffer Beach

We left the Tickle Pink and made our way down Big Sur to Pfeiffer Beach. You can see a waterfall coming out of the rock next to Mr. Right's arm. This place does not suck.

Seagull Whisperer

The next morning I made a friend on the terrace of our Tickle Pink room. He loved pretzel crackers, because you know seagulls are finicky. This is proof that they will do anything for food (I was touching him while I talked to him).

Carmel Sunset

That night we went down to Carmel-By-The-Sea to enjoy the sunset and have a beach bonfire. The Tickle Pink gives you all the Duraflame logs you want and we showed our appreciation by swiping one of their towels to sit on.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tickle me PINK

Two hours later we arrived in Carmel at the Tickle Pink Inn. Can you imagine walking in your room to find that this is your view? I can't and I was there.

or look to the side

I don't remember how that Sofia Coppola wine bottle got there

Oh wait, now I remember (a bit of overkill on the bubbles Mr. Right)

Out the window

Took this shot... out the window while flying down Highway 1 (by flying I mean stopping at every turnout so the locals could stop riding my bumper).

Cuz that's how we roll

We rented a Cadillac STS which turns out to be the perfect ride for Highway 1, or anywhere for that matter. This reminds me that I have a bone to pick with you west coasters, what is the deal with the NO American cars? I think I saw one for every 500. News flash, there are some really awesome American cars and they cost less.

It's sad and you are killing us folks here in the Dirty D.

Let's go to Carmel

The next day we headed off to Carmel via Highway 1 to find the Tickle Pink Inn. Point Lobos on Big Sur makes for some great pictures, but what you don't see is how this wave caught Mr. Right. I only got this shot of him running from it like a girl.


You can get to Sausalito via ferry. It's on the other side of Golden Gate Bridge. At The Spinnaker we had our one year anniversary dinner. Looks very 1950's Rat Pack doesn't it?

Our table was next to the window.

Haight Ashbury

We walked Haight Street, stopped to get a tshirt for Mr. Right, walked through Golden Gate Park....

Then as promised, we both got our toes pampered at the Aqua Spa. The BEST pedicure I have ever had.

Union Square

The best part of shopping Union Square was the live jazz band that happened to be playing, and the opportunity to get some See's chocolates.

16th floor of the Hyatt

We just never got tired of looking at the view from our room at the Hyatt.

Pier 39

Next we walked over to Pier 39. It is alot more touristy than I remember it being when I was 15. But then again, dinosaurs roamed the earth when I was 15 so I guess everything changes.

no, forget it

You can see Alcatraz over Mr. Right's shoulder.

First Stop Fisherman's Warf

We woke up day one in San Francisco. We had a Regency Club room on the 16th floor of the Hyatt which meant we had access to the continental breakfast at the very top (a panoramic view of the city and bay). We had dessert when we arrived the night before up there too.

Shortly after breakfast, we caught a cable car to Powell street and walked to Fisherman's Warf. We weren't hungry yet but couldn't resist the crab on sourdough bread.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I highly recommend the 757

Let me just say, that flying Delta on a 757 is the only way to go. Once you get through security and they are done giving you a pap smear, this plane totally makes up for any hurt feelings.

Every seat has it's own TV.

Did you hear me? Every seat. No sharing. Any cable station you want to watch. You can flip over to a map of where your plane is at and how much flight time is left. This is the best part... you can even rent movies from a selection of current rentals for six bucks (no porn tho).

Totally made me forget that I didn't score any Xanax.

Well, that and the cocktails. And the shrimp ceasar salad (don't laugh, yes I bought it, and it had huge real tasty shrimp and I didn't die from eColi).

The commuter plane from Detroit to Cincinnati... not so much. I may or may not have left some groceries at the Cincinnati airport.

A postal lady intervention

We are home safe and sound. The trip was a whirlwind and I will be posting pictures over the next several days. Let me start you with one highlight. I got a lap dance in San Francisco. From a girl. While Mr. Right watched. And it was HIS birthday. Sorry, no picture of this.

What was the first thing to greet me when I got home? A letter from our mail carrier which I am reading between the lines like I always do, and she appears to be trying to address my substance abuse problem with internet shopping. It is a very formal letter telling us to get a larger mailbox and she has HIGHLIGHTED WITH A YELLOW HIGHLIGHTER the words "large enough to accomodate your flow of mail including letters, addressed newspapers, magazines, and small to medium sized parcels".

Yes, the house sitter got the mail every day.

Here is a visual for you. We don't live in a neighborhood where the mailbox is on the house (those small ones). The mailbox is one of those BIG rural ones out on the street and all she has to do is drive up to it and stick our mail in. For bigger packages she has to walk up the driveway to the porch and leave them by the door. The driveway is about 30 feet long.

The way I see it, I have two options here. a) I can confront the lazy slacker and tell her what I think about her letter, or b) I can get the hugest most obnoxious mailbox ever, I'm talking gargantuan sized.

I choose B. Anyone know where I can find a mailbox the size of a Buick?

Monday, August 18, 2008

Not This Again

Well, our flight to SFO takes off in the morning. I'm in the midst of a packing flurry with alot of confusion. I've been watching the SFO weather and it's low 60's with lots of sun. I'm stuck in hot summer mode and keep packing too many tank tops. Kitty is getting nervous now that the suitcases are out. Packing looks a little skitzo. Summer clothes, warm clothes, and a cat. I will make sure the last one gets out before we leave. I promise. Really.

Traveling always causes me a ton of stress. Once that flight takes off, then I go in to excitement mode. Until then, I'm nervous, anxious, hurried, worried, frantic, out of it, can't make eye contact with my husband, don't want to be hugged, and there's a misplaced feeling of dread that fills me. Maybe I am actually afraid to fly? Or, maybe I'm bi-polar. I noticed yesterday that the flight itinerary has my old name on it. That was enough to send me into a rage. Apparently Mr. Right needed to update Travelocity. Or learn to proof read. Or both. The airline said to bring the marriage license, but what I heard is "be prepared to be strip searched".... and "we are taking your shampoo for that". I'm pretty good at reading between the lines :)

Is it normal to feel like you are going to the death chamber for your lethal injection when one is on the way to the airport? That is probably a no.

If I die on a Delta flight, please take care of my kitty.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Naked For A Day

Well, that was fun! I really mean it. Being featured is one thing but to get all the bloggy comment love is priceless. I plan to go visit everyone who left a comment, but I see that is going to take a while because there are quite a few people who visited.

The absolute funniest comment is one from a girl who said Mr. Right reminds her of her Dad. I'm sure she has no idea and didn't mean a thing. But of course I took this as an opportunity to tell him that he reminded somebody of their grandpa, or great-grandpa, I can't remember which.

Also, this upcoming San Francisco/Carmel/Monterey trip is just Me and Mr. Right only. A lot of romance will be involved as it is our first anniversary combined with our honeymoon. This trip is guaranteed to provide some funny blogging with beautiful pictures.

My co-worker friend Briana left a few comments. She works remotely from Texas now. I told her to say that I'm pretty but she didn't follow instructions. I know her manager and will make sure that she comes back up here for every snow storm.

I hope I brought a smile to at least a few faces. That is worth everything in my world.

Back to comment moderation however. It was fun while it lasted!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Welcome Saucy Girlfriends!

Let me start by saying, hold me. I'm scared. I feel like I'm at amateur night and got lost looking for my table, went through the wrong door, and ended up on stage in the spotlight with my skirt caught up in my knickers. My blog is being featured? How exciting... or embarassing, I'm not sure.

I decided to start my happy blog last year when my life took on some dramatic changes. This way I could update friends and family who have moved away, without having to remember to send emails or call. That is pure genious on a stick.

Along the way I've been pleasantly surprised with some new bloggy friends who are supportive and helpful. In short, I got married last year (second marriage, after a long battle with my commitment phobia). Our wedding was beautiful and over the top. However, this marriage came with one special little package... a 9 year old step-daughter. I hesitantly gave up my girly house and moved in to Daddy's bachelor pad. You can just imagine the work cut out for me. Don't get me started on the 3 bathrooms!

Enter SITS. I believe it was Kathy (Mama's Losin It) who turned me on to SITS. I joined not so much for the traffic, but a way to peek into your lives and read some VERY funny stories, all with a leopard print backdrop.

I can't hold a candle to you saucy girls, but I hope you enjoy reading about this girl from the Midwest who has found Mr. Right, at last.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Round trip airline tickets to San Francisco - check.
A sitter at the house for kitty (yes you read that right) - check.
Room reservations at hotels in San Francisco, Carmel, and Monterey Bay - check.
Argument about whose fault it was we didn't get in to the Hotel Kabuki - check.
Trip to Lucy store to buy comfy yoga type travel clothes per sister - almost check, going today.
Directions to the Yank Sing dim sum place - check.
Dramamine for whale watching boat ride (for me of course) - check.
Found a ferry to Sausalito for anniversary night - check.
Day by day itinerary in Microsoft Project for the OCD afflicted - check.
Directions to Aqua Spa in San Francisco so we can get our toes pampered together whether he likes it or not - check.
Spot picked out for sunset beach bonfire in Carmel - check.
Directions to Point Lobos for Big Sur - check.

The only thing I'm missing is some Xanax to help me sleep before we leave. Why do I do this to myself? In my sleep, I worry about everything. When I wake, I'm fine and excited, sortof.

Me: do you realize that flight 211 was on its way to Phoenix when it crashed in 1987?
Mr. Right: blank stare
Me: do you realize it was August?
Mr. Right: don't start
Me: who would take care of Oliver if we both died?
Mr. Right: that's not going to happen
Me: but it could
Mr. Right: your safer in the air
Me: but cars don't fall out of the sky
Mr. Right: and planes don't get cut off by crazy people
Me: It's such a long flight
Mr. Right: get a pill so the flight seems shorter
Me: it's going to be a really short flight if the pilot forgets to adjust the wing flaps and we don't even make it out of Town.
Mr. Right: I don't know what to do with you

Seriously, I'm not afraid to fly. I just HATE dealing with airports. I hate the whole check your shampoo or we will take it away from you thing (hey my Fekkai is expensive stuff!).

And if you remember, flight 211 is the one where they found the little girl alive because she was covered by her mother's body, they were on their way to Phoenix (our layover), and it was August. I had a friend from work on that plane. It crashed into the highway on take off. The pilot "forgot" to adjust the wing flaps. What the hell?

I'm just sayin.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Has it really been a year?

On his way to Austin, Mr. Right was poised to lunge at the gate when they asked if anyone would like a free round-trip flight to anywhere in the continental US for changing their flight. He did this for me, because our first anniversary is coming up.

He called me and asked "do you want to go to San Francisco?".

Hell to the yeah, I do. But I also want to drive to Big Sur for a few days while we are there. I was there for about 2 hours when I was 15 and haven't shut up about it since.

We are still in the planning stages, but I am we are looking to stay at the Tickle Pink Inn (bed and breakfast) when we get to Big Sur. Checkout that link. Pretty amazing.

This is the view from the deck (ahem, where there is wine and cheese tasting). We will definitely be sporting our Biff & Muffy alter egos upon arrival.

We will fly in to San Fran, spend a few days. Drive to Big Sur for a few days and stay in Carmel and Monterey. Drive back to San Fran. Fly home the day after that.

Any suggestions for what we MUST do in San Fran? I'm hoping there is a boat ride with NO Alcatraz stop. There must be?

I have to say it, when we are in San Fran the first couple of days, I will have these visions in my head...

Monday, August 4, 2008

bloggy award

Thank you Briana for the award (she just did this because we work together). Even though I'm not reaching for the stars here, I will post the rules anyway :)-
Here is what you do:
1. The winner can put the logo on his/her blog.
2. Link to the person you received your award from.
3. Nominate 7 other blogs (wow, that's alot).
4. Put links to those blogs on yours.
5. Leave a message on the blogs of the people you have nominated.
Here are the blogs I have nominated:

Sunday, August 3, 2008

I need a new keyboard

Do you know where I can get a keyboard without a cat's head attached to it? Seriously, he plants himself in my lap every single time and I am forced to contort myself in such a way that I am typing around him. He has a monitor and TV watching obsession.

Yes, that is a The Way We Were dvd on my desk. With Mr. Right gone this week I get to live my bachelorette lifestye. I am having a hard time pretending I'm sad. What? shhhhh.

gimme a kiss

uh, they call that a sweatshirt

Mr. Right is fixin' to leave today to mosey on down to Austin for work all week. Up here where us snowbirds live, the summer is a comfortable low 80's with sunshine and zeeROW humidity. We can actually wear clothes with sleeves like normal people, and men sometimes even wear button down long sleeve shirts to the office! Imagine that! Today is August 3rd and all my windows are WIDE open, I can hear all the birds chirping, and the breeze blows in (oh the horror!). If somebody attempts to close said windows, they will be tackled.

There are two Doves on my back deck singing to each other as I type this.

Mr. Right has also been working from home quite a bit lately. His business casual wardrobe has been neglected... to the point of it being a crime.

He snuck out to Kohls to buy some cheap clothes to wear in Austin. Performance reviews and what not.

Mr. Right's fashion show when he got home was funny... to me. Mainly because I have lived where he is going.

Mr. Right: how do you like this shirt... 7 bucks (big grin)

me: [I turn around to see what is a short sleeve shirt but it comes to the elbows, a collar, and thick cotton material, quite nice for here] oh that is nice, but what did you get for Austin?

Mr. Right: [his face falls] this

me: oh, ok. just as long as you know, that shirt is a winter sweatshirt down there

Mr. Right: [looks down, walks away, goes and puts on another shirt] how about this?

me: [I turn around to see a *black* polyester short sleeve with a collar]

Mr. Right: I will wear this

me: yeah, if you like sweating, that will be great

Don't worry, I plan to sneak a few hell appropriate articles of clothing into his suitcase. Because, I'm nice like that.

Friday, August 1, 2008

The honeymoon is so over

Let me just preface this by saying I want a Kindle bad. B.A.D. I want one so bad that I drool when I think about it. Amazon keeps teasing me with these little Kindle adds they send to my email. Sometimes when I stare look at the picture, it becomes 3D and gravitates out toward me. Then I hear my own voice in my ear "pssst... just buy it, you never treat yourself to electronics". Then I wonder if I am old because I use the word "electronics". I'm sure there is a more appropriate technical name for this gadget. Yes, I work in IT.

me: so your birthday is coming up in a few weeks, what do you want.... gift wise?

Mr. Right: ..... [hasn't fully heard me yet]

me: keep in mind, I got a grill for my birthday

Mr. Right: I want a Kindle

This is where my mock Tai Kwon Do skills kick in. Because, he doesn't mean "I want a Kindle so I can give it to you"... no, he means "I want a Kindle so I can use it in your face"