Sunday, August 3, 2008

uh, they call that a sweatshirt

Mr. Right is fixin' to leave today to mosey on down to Austin for work all week. Up here where us snowbirds live, the summer is a comfortable low 80's with sunshine and zeeROW humidity. We can actually wear clothes with sleeves like normal people, and men sometimes even wear button down long sleeve shirts to the office! Imagine that! Today is August 3rd and all my windows are WIDE open, I can hear all the birds chirping, and the breeze blows in (oh the horror!). If somebody attempts to close said windows, they will be tackled.

There are two Doves on my back deck singing to each other as I type this.

Mr. Right has also been working from home quite a bit lately. His business casual wardrobe has been neglected... to the point of it being a crime.

He snuck out to Kohls to buy some cheap clothes to wear in Austin. Performance reviews and what not.

Mr. Right's fashion show when he got home was funny... to me. Mainly because I have lived where he is going.

Mr. Right: how do you like this shirt... 7 bucks (big grin)

me: [I turn around to see what is a short sleeve shirt but it comes to the elbows, a collar, and thick cotton material, quite nice for here] oh that is nice, but what did you get for Austin?

Mr. Right: [his face falls] this

me: oh, ok. just as long as you know, that shirt is a winter sweatshirt down there

Mr. Right: [looks down, walks away, goes and puts on another shirt] how about this?

me: [I turn around to see a *black* polyester short sleeve with a collar]

Mr. Right: I will wear this

me: yeah, if you like sweating, that will be great

Don't worry, I plan to sneak a few hell appropriate articles of clothing into his suitcase. Because, I'm nice like that.

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Briana said...

That is a riot. Yes, tell him it was 106 today. No, I'm not kidding. Says 95 IN THE SHADE right now. HOT HOT HOT and hotter in Austin. Hahaha! I don't wear anything but tank tops around here. I'm not crazy!