Sunday, August 10, 2008


Round trip airline tickets to San Francisco - check.
A sitter at the house for kitty (yes you read that right) - check.
Room reservations at hotels in San Francisco, Carmel, and Monterey Bay - check.
Argument about whose fault it was we didn't get in to the Hotel Kabuki - check.
Trip to Lucy store to buy comfy yoga type travel clothes per sister - almost check, going today.
Directions to the Yank Sing dim sum place - check.
Dramamine for whale watching boat ride (for me of course) - check.
Found a ferry to Sausalito for anniversary night - check.
Day by day itinerary in Microsoft Project for the OCD afflicted - check.
Directions to Aqua Spa in San Francisco so we can get our toes pampered together whether he likes it or not - check.
Spot picked out for sunset beach bonfire in Carmel - check.
Directions to Point Lobos for Big Sur - check.

The only thing I'm missing is some Xanax to help me sleep before we leave. Why do I do this to myself? In my sleep, I worry about everything. When I wake, I'm fine and excited, sortof.

Me: do you realize that flight 211 was on its way to Phoenix when it crashed in 1987?
Mr. Right: blank stare
Me: do you realize it was August?
Mr. Right: don't start
Me: who would take care of Oliver if we both died?
Mr. Right: that's not going to happen
Me: but it could
Mr. Right: your safer in the air
Me: but cars don't fall out of the sky
Mr. Right: and planes don't get cut off by crazy people
Me: It's such a long flight
Mr. Right: get a pill so the flight seems shorter
Me: it's going to be a really short flight if the pilot forgets to adjust the wing flaps and we don't even make it out of Town.
Mr. Right: I don't know what to do with you

Seriously, I'm not afraid to fly. I just HATE dealing with airports. I hate the whole check your shampoo or we will take it away from you thing (hey my Fekkai is expensive stuff!).

And if you remember, flight 211 is the one where they found the little girl alive because she was covered by her mother's body, they were on their way to Phoenix (our layover), and it was August. I had a friend from work on that plane. It crashed into the highway on take off. The pilot "forgot" to adjust the wing flaps. What the hell?

I'm just sayin.


Briana said...

Should I tell you that when we left Phoenix to Seattle we missed our flight (because it says that your flight leaves at some time but you need to be AT your flight 10 minutes prior. They didn't tell us that nice info) and on the way back, we were caught waiting to LAND in Phoenix because of a sand storm. We didn't have enough fuel, had to go to Las Vegas to refuel, went back to Phoenix and when we landed our flight was already GONE. I HATE that airport. Thought we did get first class seats from the airline on the way back home the next day!

Good luck getting through it! I blogged about it. Check out May 06 archives. Perhaps you remember be complaining about it! :)

I'll be probably coming back to work in September. Show me some love :)

Eileen said...

I laughed when I read this because I SO understand. I think xanax is a must before a trip where an airport is involved. The anxiety and stress it too much.

Enjoy your trip. It sounds great.

TentCamper said...

...and you say that I am the sick one? is always good to be prepared...maybe not as prpered as you ...but's all good.

Insane Mama said...

It Will be OK! Don't stress too much! Man you are SO prepared!

Insane Mama said...

what kind of tracking software do you use?

Me said...

HappyHourSue said...

Seriously? Here is my drill: half hour before airport: 1 Xanax. Inside airport, 3/4 water bottle of white wine. Before takeoff: 1 itty bitty piece of another Xanax. And presto!!! Anxiety-free flying.

Me said...

thank you Sue... I just may try that

and I find it really funny that you put wine in your water bottle :) he he he

WheresMyAngels said...

You sound like my husband, I flew with him to Floirda two years ago and it was horrible. He was ready to pass out. Another man on our flight did pass out and he kept repeating to himself " I will not be that man, I will not be that man"

absurdly yours said...

I can relate....I am so OCD and we just got back from a plane trip to California that changed over in Phoenix. My husband has seen me have these fits for 15 years so now he just listens and then puts his IPOD on. ha ha!

Becky :) said...

I found your blog through SITS and saw this post. I just wanted to say from a Northern CA gal I hope you have a great time in San Fran and in Monterey and Carmel too. The weather should be nice. :-)