Friday, August 1, 2008

The honeymoon is so over

Let me just preface this by saying I want a Kindle bad. B.A.D. I want one so bad that I drool when I think about it. Amazon keeps teasing me with these little Kindle adds they send to my email. Sometimes when I stare look at the picture, it becomes 3D and gravitates out toward me. Then I hear my own voice in my ear "pssst... just buy it, you never treat yourself to electronics". Then I wonder if I am old because I use the word "electronics". I'm sure there is a more appropriate technical name for this gadget. Yes, I work in IT.

me: so your birthday is coming up in a few weeks, what do you want.... gift wise?

Mr. Right: ..... [hasn't fully heard me yet]

me: keep in mind, I got a grill for my birthday

Mr. Right: I want a Kindle

This is where my mock Tai Kwon Do skills kick in. Because, he doesn't mean "I want a Kindle so I can give it to you"... no, he means "I want a Kindle so I can use it in your face"


Anonymous said...

I'd take his wanting a Kindle as an answer to your own question: yes, you deserve one. And you're not old because you call them electronics - that's what they're called. ;)

Thank you for de-lurking and stopping by the other day! Come back any time and belated congrats on your marriage.

Briana said...

LOL - he wants to rub it in that he has it and you don't! Awful!

I want the flip - it's a portable camcorder that allows you to upload right to youtube - would be great for blogging!

BTW - check out my blog. I nominated you for an award.

Maternal Mirth said...

what *is* a kindle??? I am such a techie retard.

WheresMyAngels said...

What is a kindle and do you mean you got a Grill like that thingy you put on your teeth??? Like what Booke Hogan worn in that one video! lol