Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A postal lady intervention

We are home safe and sound. The trip was a whirlwind and I will be posting pictures over the next several days. Let me start you with one highlight. I got a lap dance in San Francisco. From a girl. While Mr. Right watched. And it was HIS birthday. Sorry, no picture of this.

What was the first thing to greet me when I got home? A letter from our mail carrier which I am reading between the lines like I always do, and she appears to be trying to address my substance abuse problem with internet shopping. It is a very formal letter telling us to get a larger mailbox and she has HIGHLIGHTED WITH A YELLOW HIGHLIGHTER the words "large enough to accomodate your flow of mail including letters, addressed newspapers, magazines, and small to medium sized parcels".

Yes, the house sitter got the mail every day.

Here is a visual for you. We don't live in a neighborhood where the mailbox is on the house (those small ones). The mailbox is one of those BIG rural ones out on the street and all she has to do is drive up to it and stick our mail in. For bigger packages she has to walk up the driveway to the porch and leave them by the door. The driveway is about 30 feet long.

The way I see it, I have two options here. a) I can confront the lazy slacker and tell her what I think about her letter, or b) I can get the hugest most obnoxious mailbox ever, I'm talking gargantuan sized.

I choose B. Anyone know where I can find a mailbox the size of a Buick?


Amy said...

My mail lady wanted us to put a box at the road and replace the one near my door. I told her no. She wasn't happy but she's not my carrier anymore, so I won anyway! :)

Briana said...

You totally have to buy a gigantic mailbox, and blog about it.

Dude, you did NOT get a lap dance - by a girl. You go girl. Were they playing the song by Katy Perry - I kissed a girl and I liked it?

Me said...

Oh, yes I did. She was really pretty. It's not like in Canada though, things are much more tame in San Francisco.

Mr. Right hasn't really shut up about it :)

Me said...

I thinking about "planting" plastic flowers around this huge mailbox when I find it, and painting frogs on it :)