Friday, June 27, 2008

Somewhere In Time

The end of our carriage ride. On the way up to the Grand Hotel.
Interesting fact: the Grand Hotel (where we were married) is the hotel where the film "Somewhere In Time" was filmed.
You know, the one where Christopher Reeve goes back in time to be with Jane Seymour.

Big sigh.

Things I can't blog about

Just so you know, I am not all about shoes, cats, dishes, weddings, and happy things. I choose not to blog about the really bad side of life. However, just to peak your curiosity, here is a list of things I will not blog about.

1. my mother and dementia
2. the ex-boyfriend who died in his sleep this week
3. work (just not a good idea)
4. fibroid tumors suck
5. who did this man's laundry before I moved in?
6. blog trolls
7. what a pain in the back
8. workplace gossip (related to #2)
9. depression
10. insomnia
11. I know he's not listening to me
12. porn
13. religion (that's your problem)

That about sums it up. Some are mine, some are too close to me.

He doesn't know what hissing is for

When Oliver is playing and he gets really excited, he starts to hiss.

But then, when he isn't feeling well, he will hiss.

He's the most bizarre cat. The other night he jumped into bed and ran up to Mr. Right while we were sleeping, and hissed directly at him. I knew right away this was one of those very occasional sick episodes and I immediately woke up, grabbed him, ran for the hallway.

Just in time for him to throw up Exorcist style at the top of the stairs.

Then he was fine.

Usually he just gets all wiggy and it doesn't involve throwing up. He has had about 6 episodes in his 3 1/2 year life so far.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Shoes that don't kill

I am the type of person who, once I find a pair of shoes that are both comfy and cute, I will buy a backup pair for when they wear out.

I got these White Mountain (Sofia) wedges at and as soon as I put them on, it was like walking on clouds and I swear I could hear angels sing.

I got the black ones and they are perfect for jeans, dress pants, skirts, dresses, whatever. Feminine but still comfy.

Seriously, I can walk all day as if I'm wearing tennies.

So today I went to order another pair. Of course, no more 7 B's.

I did get a pair of bronze/cork and dark brown ones though.

I may never wear another wedge again. If they discontinue this style, I may have to personally hunt down the person responsible and shoot them.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I love IKEA and my new dishes

Once I get something I love, it takes forever for me to let it go. By forever I mean that I had the same Sango dishes from my hope chest in 1988. Flowers and leaves? They were starting to look like granny's dishes. I mean in 1998 they were starting to.

So in the interest of my new black sparkly granite... I got all this.

Larger plate Regular plate, salad plate, and matching bowl
Some funky polka dot bowls to mix and match with

Serving bowls
Platter Side plates (they are tiny and cute) coffee mugs

I might get a splash of green dishes to mix in. Syntes is the design name.

Getting Discovered

... and I don't mean for my awesome beauty and talent either.

Princess (out of the blue): so do you know anything about Maddness of Me?

Me: [chin dropped, scalp started to sweat] cough, what?

Princess: I was googling myself the other day and found your thing.

Me: oh really? wow you are getting good at the computer.

Princess: I saw the story about the bra, and me at Disney, um when I shaved my legs, and oh yeah, I didn't know I made you cry.

Me: wow, when I was only 9 I couldn't even say the word bra, that is very mature of you.

Princess: [very self satisfied smile, she is spotting the avoidance tactic]

Me: what else did you read?

Princess: I don't know but I want one of those myself.

Me: you are too young, maybe when you are older, there are too many predators out there for you to be public like that.

Princess: no there isn't

Me: well you sure found me and surprised me didn't you? and you know there are creepy people out there.

Princess: yeah, so.

Me: you wouldn't ever invite a stranger to meet you, right?

Princess: no I just want to show my friends.

Me: maybe when you are older, or maybe a closed one. maybe.

Princess: O.k... but I already know where to kick them if someone tries to grab me.

My blog started out with some personal information. Over time I trimmed back, then went back and removed some items. Mr. Right's name for instance. Our location specifics for another. My spidey sense told me to back off on any snarky remarks about Princess.

I find it hard to remember though because I live my life like an open book.

After this confrontation I went back and took her nickname out. I think she has been trying to find it again and can't.

Sure she will figure it out again.

Just some food for thought for all my friends... she also found some of my comments on other blogs too (via GOOGLE). Don't put other bloggers down. You know who you are.

Friday, June 13, 2008


Can you tell I loved my our wedding? It has been 9 months now and I'm starting to get nostalgic. Mr. Right has that look on his face he gets when he is surprised I'm so happy about something.

She made me cry for father's day

Princess: you know how there is a mother's day and a father's day?

Me: yeah?

Princess: I am going to have a step-mother's day made. Wonder who I talk to about that?

It hit me hard and she doesn't even know it (she's only 9). People have no idea how much I take comments like these and dissect them 9,000 different ways to find the real meaning - what they were really saying, why they said it, why they said it when they said it, what they really want from me, how it fits into the universe, and how it will affect me 50 years from now. Good gawd I'm a freak.

So many random thoughts. Princess calling me from college, Princess with me on my 70th birthday, Princess helping me plant my flowers when the arthritis in my back gets too bad.... Princess checking me into a nursing home. Oh no, wait... not that. Snap out of it.

Watching her life unfold is something I look forward to . It's because she is a girl. A girly girl.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Day 4 - still no power

Can you feel my pain?

I'm hearing it could be weeks.

So here are some stats:

-number of smores eaten: 8
-number of fights over ice: 1
-number of hours Mr. Right has spent playing with the down tree: 9,000
-number of cocktails consumed: oddly, 0
-number of mosquito bites: 16 (and they are Chernobyl mosquitos)
-number of magazines read: 2
-number of pizzas delivered: 3 (but it takes 2 hours!)
-number of bad hair days: duh, 4
-number of fish dead in the tank: 1
-number of broken book lights: 1
-number of generators Mr. Right has located: 0
-number of liars at the power equipment store: 1 (you said you would have generators yesterday you jive turkey)

yes I got this idea from Fluffy.

Monday, June 9, 2008

You say tornado, I say tornado

Just when you think this can never happen to you.

Yesterday we were working in the yard (absolutely gorgeous day). I was barbequing some chicken on the grill when I noticed it was starting to look like rain. Seconds later I was out front looking to tell Mr. Right. Just then the hair stood up on the back of my neck. I immediately knew something was wrong, that a tornado was coming. I could hear a roar and the sky went black. But I couldn't find Mr. Right.

Not that I've ever been in a tornado before. I can't explain it. You just know.

Then I ran into the garage just when he was running into the garage from the other side of the house. We were screaming at each other that a tornado was coming - run to the basement (but we couldn't hear each other over the noise).

As we ran into the house and thru the foyer to the basement, we saw that the huge 60 foot tree in the front yard was pulled out by the roots and down. I had been standing there a minute before.

We both flew down the stairs to the basement, but Mr. Right turned around and saw that I was going back up [to go get Oliver just try to stop me]. Poor Oliver was standing there like "what do I do??". I picked him up and his heart was pounding out of his chest. He dug his claws into me and wouldn't let go. I think that is about the time it was over the house.

A minute and a half later... destruction all over the neighborhood. There must be a thousand trees uprooted, gas line breaks everywhere, an RV turned over onto a BMW... etc.
All this took place in a matter of about 5 minutes, tops. Maybe even 3.

No power still today. City Commissioner went around the neighborhood to deliver the bad news - probably no power until at least Friday.

We are looking for a generator, but of course we can't find one.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Again, just because

Big sigh. Even though we were so totally posing.

If your a fan take this quiz

I got 100% because that's how I roll.

.... but my SAT scores blew.

Dear Netflix

I'm about to go gangsta all on you. What's up with not sending me Juno when I've had it first in my que for MONTHS?

I don't want to watch "Flawless" this weekend. Whut?

Seems to me you need to get more copies.

I'm looking into who I write the strongly worded letter to... you don't want to go there.

If you can see me... that is me giving you the stink eye.



Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Secret is in The Sauce

Be sure to checkout Heather and Tiffany at The Secret is in the Sauce. It's a support group for all of you sister bloggers. Their blog promises to bring traffic to your blog for a long life of bloggy bonding. Go girl power!

Sign up TODAY and put the SITC button on your side bar.

Ways to make me laugh

This morning I smelled gas in our neighborhood. Mr. Right called the gas company which is "Consumers" for us.

When I got to work I had this email from him -

"Consumers said they received over 500 calls this morning. They think it was a release from a factory but not natural gas because they have not detected any leak indications on any of their metering systems. He said he's been checking houses in the area all morning. He came into the house with some kind of yellow meter with a big stem on it and said there was zero detected gas in the home. Except when I farted".

I edited out the part where he told me I'm the most beautiful woman he has ever seen.

Not sure what factory they are referring to out there in the lakes/green acres area.