Friday, June 27, 2008

Things I can't blog about

Just so you know, I am not all about shoes, cats, dishes, weddings, and happy things. I choose not to blog about the really bad side of life. However, just to peak your curiosity, here is a list of things I will not blog about.

1. my mother and dementia
2. the ex-boyfriend who died in his sleep this week
3. work (just not a good idea)
4. fibroid tumors suck
5. who did this man's laundry before I moved in?
6. blog trolls
7. what a pain in the back
8. workplace gossip (related to #2)
9. depression
10. insomnia
11. I know he's not listening to me
12. porn
13. religion (that's your problem)

That about sums it up. Some are mine, some are too close to me.


Kaza said...

Hey there SITsta! I'm checking out the blogs on the Saucy list today, and yours is first on the list!

Your list of things you will not blog about is fascinating. It is clear why you won't blog about most of them, but what's up with #5? I'm intrigued!

Briana said...

Ok, you must keep me informed on #8, even if you don't blog about it...

The ex died in his sleep? Do I know the ex?

Rph Mommy said...

My only rule for my blog, other than maintaining the anonymity, is not to blog about my employees. They make me want to pull my hair out on a regular basis, but I won't blog about them.

Duane said...

your #3 on the not blog list can't be anything bad!