Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Getting Discovered

... and I don't mean for my awesome beauty and talent either.

Princess (out of the blue): so do you know anything about Maddness of Me?

Me: [chin dropped, scalp started to sweat] cough, what?

Princess: I was googling myself the other day and found your thing.

Me: oh really? wow you are getting good at the computer.

Princess: I saw the story about the bra, and me at Disney, um when I shaved my legs, and oh yeah, I didn't know I made you cry.

Me: wow, when I was only 9 I couldn't even say the word bra, that is very mature of you.

Princess: [very self satisfied smile, she is spotting the avoidance tactic]

Me: what else did you read?

Princess: I don't know but I want one of those myself.

Me: you are too young, maybe when you are older, there are too many predators out there for you to be public like that.

Princess: no there isn't

Me: well you sure found me and surprised me didn't you? and you know there are creepy people out there.

Princess: yeah, so.

Me: you wouldn't ever invite a stranger to meet you, right?

Princess: no I just want to show my friends.

Me: maybe when you are older, or maybe a closed one. maybe.

Princess: O.k... but I already know where to kick them if someone tries to grab me.

My blog started out with some personal information. Over time I trimmed back, then went back and removed some items. Mr. Right's name for instance. Our location specifics for another. My spidey sense told me to back off on any snarky remarks about Princess.

I find it hard to remember though because I live my life like an open book.

After this confrontation I went back and took her nickname out. I think she has been trying to find it again and can't.

Sure she will figure it out again.

Just some food for thought for all my friends... she also found some of my comments on other blogs too (via GOOGLE). Don't put other bloggers down. You know who you are.

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Briana said...

OMG that is a riot about your conversation. I'm sure that will happen one day with my boys - but they are boys. They don't care like girls do I think...

I hope that last comment wasn't made at me, but I don't think it was because it didn't make sense! ha! :)