Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Day 4 - still no power

Can you feel my pain?

I'm hearing it could be weeks.

So here are some stats:

-number of smores eaten: 8
-number of fights over ice: 1
-number of hours Mr. Right has spent playing with the down tree: 9,000
-number of cocktails consumed: oddly, 0
-number of mosquito bites: 16 (and they are Chernobyl mosquitos)
-number of magazines read: 2
-number of pizzas delivered: 3 (but it takes 2 hours!)
-number of bad hair days: duh, 4
-number of fish dead in the tank: 1
-number of broken book lights: 1
-number of generators Mr. Right has located: 0
-number of liars at the power equipment store: 1 (you said you would have generators yesterday you jive turkey)

yes I got this idea from Fluffy.

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