Monday, June 9, 2008

You say tornado, I say tornado

Just when you think this can never happen to you.

Yesterday we were working in the yard (absolutely gorgeous day). I was barbequing some chicken on the grill when I noticed it was starting to look like rain. Seconds later I was out front looking to tell Mr. Right. Just then the hair stood up on the back of my neck. I immediately knew something was wrong, that a tornado was coming. I could hear a roar and the sky went black. But I couldn't find Mr. Right.

Not that I've ever been in a tornado before. I can't explain it. You just know.

Then I ran into the garage just when he was running into the garage from the other side of the house. We were screaming at each other that a tornado was coming - run to the basement (but we couldn't hear each other over the noise).

As we ran into the house and thru the foyer to the basement, we saw that the huge 60 foot tree in the front yard was pulled out by the roots and down. I had been standing there a minute before.

We both flew down the stairs to the basement, but Mr. Right turned around and saw that I was going back up [to go get Oliver just try to stop me]. Poor Oliver was standing there like "what do I do??". I picked him up and his heart was pounding out of his chest. He dug his claws into me and wouldn't let go. I think that is about the time it was over the house.

A minute and a half later... destruction all over the neighborhood. There must be a thousand trees uprooted, gas line breaks everywhere, an RV turned over onto a BMW... etc.
All this took place in a matter of about 5 minutes, tops. Maybe even 3.

No power still today. City Commissioner went around the neighborhood to deliver the bad news - probably no power until at least Friday.

We are looking for a generator, but of course we can't find one.


Briana said...

OMG - Lori told me about that. How freaky!!!! What are you doing about this gorgeous tree? You poor guys!!!

Me said...

I know can you believe it? The tree is in pieces and being hauled away as we speak (slowly).

There were alot of tree guys going around handing out pens and cards asking to clean it up for us.

I thought that was funny.

Mama's Losin' It said...

Oh my gosh I have goosebumps. I'm so glad you guys are ok!!! Amazing that a tree like that can get completely uprooted. I'm glad you had the smarts to run away from it.

Now excuse me as I address Mr. Right.

Dear Mr. Right,

The next time their is a tornado in town and your wife tries to leave a safe vicinity to rescue a CAT...tackle her. You don't want to give a eulogy and talk about how great a woman your wife was to selflessly give up her life for your cat. Tackle her.

Rph Mommy said...

OMG! So glad you all are okay. Tornados scare the crap out of me. Ugh.

Ashley said...

HOLY COW! That is scary stuff! Tornadoes have always scared me, I've always wondered if I would know that one was coming or what to do.