Thursday, September 4, 2008

I feel used

Princess has been working me to talk to Mr. Right about giving her a house key so she can walk home from school (the end of the street) at 4 pm instead of going to latch-key.

The sales pitch was that she would call me by 4:20 to let me know she got in. She would not have anyone over or go anywhere until somebody got home around 6ish, and she would not use the microwave or stove.

It started to sound good until I actually did run it by Mr. Right.

... who informed me that he has told her for years that she is too young to be alone at home until at least middle school (next year) and maybe not even then. Nice try Princess.

I guess when I saw her throw a fit about her blanky being in the wash at bed time, that should have been a clue to me she is not ready.

What age is old enough? Is it really based on age or do people judge maturity? Princess is 10.

I was 7, but that was when John Travolta wore polyester leisure suits and I thought the BG's were cool.


scargosun said...

It must be so tough to be in this situation. I honestly can't remember when we were left alone but I am almost 36 so the mind is going. If I had kids, 10 would make me uncomfortable. I think 11 or 12 would be ok but in this day and age who knows. Not envying your situation one little bit.

Briana said...

I was 9 and had major issues with thoughts of people breaking in, in which mom put me in daycare until I was 12. I was fine then. 10 is really too young still.

Oh, she's already learning how to work you. Oh, she's a smarty. I used to do that to my parents too. That is why you have to love girls. I'm sure YOU used to do the same thing, oh no wait - you're a princess - you would never!

Mimi said...

I was 9 and Travolta hadn't even made it to Kotter yet! I would also be left for short periods with my 3 younger siblings at that age too though. Just the way it was back then, right?

I think that it totally depends on the kid and the maturity level. We just gave 12 yo SS a key (in his birthday card!) but our girls had them before 12, though I can't remember exactly what age. I like the middle school idea in this day and age, and it depends on the child which of those works! LOL, sounds like she may be on the early end with her negotiating skills!

~Gretchen~ said...

where i taught, fifth grade was when they started going home alone