Saturday, September 6, 2008

this is why

I've had a bunch of people ask me why do I want a Kindle. Alot of people don't really know what it is.

The biggest selling point (to me) is that it stores hundreds of books so you don't have to carry them around or store them in your house.

The cost of buying the Kindle version of a book is much cheaper than buying a paper copy.

When you buy a book, it comes across wi-fi to your Kindle, no cords, no downloading.

You can read a sample of a book for free before buying it.

You can have your New York Times paper show up on it rather than in the mailbox or on the porch. No more newspapers to litter the house and waste trees. No more wet newspapers sitting in the rain. You get it before it hits the newstands.

It takes just seconds to think of a book you want to buy, buy it, and wa la - there it is.

It saves on trees, a very important thing to me.

It is easier on the eyes than reading a book.

Set Kindle on the stairmaster and read while working out (I never could manipulate paper books or magazines to read while working out).

It is much more comfortable to curl up and read with. For me, the spine of a book is really annoying when you're trying to read from a relaxed position.

Buying it myself means that Mr. Right will be out of ideas on what to get me this year for Christmas. Loving that!


Lula! said...

Well, hey there...

It is hilarious that you left a comment today about reading the Twilight Saga in your Kindle. Because--get this--my post for tomorrow is about books vs. Kindle. It's still a mystery to me, so I wanted to flesh it out, explore it some more, and see what kind of comments I'd get on it. So...tune in tomorrow, please!

We must be in sync or something. And go eat fried green tomatoes--they are FABULOUS. Oh, mercy!

Angela said...

HI!! Just found your blog.. This post is awesome I have never heard of a Kindle but now I think I will look into getting one! Maegan said...

I TOTALLY want a Kindle!!! No one I talk to is as excited about it as me!! It's on my x-mas list!