Monday, September 29, 2008

My latest Target finds

Ever since I moved in to Mr. Right's house, I am ashamed to say that the living room has been practically empty. Just my sad little couch and love seat that I brought with me. Well, that and an IKEA book shelf that takes up an entire wall, purchased post move.

Yes, you caught that "Mr. Right's house". I'm not accepting responsibility for it. I am only tolerating this because of the economy. It's Bush's fault really.

I love The Nester. Absolutely love her. Watching her has made me understand the error in my ways, like matchy matchy furniture, or putting furniture up against the wall. Or beige on beige on beige. Barf. Anyway.

This weekend I cleaned the fish tank which is in the living room (who cleaned this thing before I moved in?). This was a nice segway to re-evaluate the rest of the room. I moved the couch to the middle of the living room with the back facing the foyer/large entry way (the house has an open floor plan, why didn't I do this before, I dunno).

So what do you think I will put on the wall where the couch was? You guessed it, this little honey from Target (dirt cheap in the first place, but 15% off and free shipping makes it a no brainer).

Then, what do you think I will put at the back of the couch? You guessed it again, another honey from Target. This console table.

Grand total, $369. Duh.

Next I will share with you the bamboo roman blinds I got from for.... drum roll please... $50 each (for 72" windows, come on!). I was actually surfing bamboo blinds that were SEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS a blind. What what?

This picture is from the JCP website and does NOT do the product justice. Maybe it's because mine are about 3 times bigger, or because they are under fabulous tab top curtains hanging from an iron rod. All I can say is that I opened the box and screamed with glee.

Come to think of it, almost every window treatment I have ever bought in my life has come from JC Penney. I always end up back there, so why don't I just start there? Don't know.


scargosun said...

ooo! Take a pic of the room. I wanna see!

Briana said...

My dh will die if I spent that much money right now.

Insane Mama said...

I'm with scargosun. Take a picture

Miz Dinah said...

I love that you screamed with glee over blinds. I so get that. I am over the moon when any delivery comes in. It's like getting presents, only you have to pay for them. It's even better when you really like what's in the box. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Kimmguru said...

I have the same bamboo blinds in our bedroom. They are super cute but very practical! Not one pinch of light shines through, which leaves me plenty of awake time to focus on The Pepsi Guy's obnoxious snoring!