Friday, September 26, 2008

Did that just happen?

This morning I had to turn around at the end of my street and head back home because I forgot something.

Once I got to a curve in the street, there was a black pickup sitting there, like it couldn't decide what to do. Then it moved up a little. Then it stopped again. Then it moved up a little. Then it stopped again. Then it pulled over to the right.

So I passed.

Later, I pull up in my driveway and they are behind me... WTH?

I get out of my truck and a man is driving and his crazy wife is in the passenger seat with the window down screaming at me. Something about what is the hurry, but with alot of cussing, foaming at the mouth, and an obvious blood pressure problem disclosed by a completely red face.

So, in my vast experience with that which is life, I know that you don't engage with psychos.

I tell her to go away.

I may or may not have told her to ef off. I said something about calling the police.

I went in the house.

They did not leave. Mr. Right went out to talk to them. They would not leave.

This lady was like a rabid dog climbing across her husband to bark at Mr. Right. As I watch, I'm hoping he won't need rabies shots.

Finally they leave... and our neighbor comes over to warn us they are known wackos.

My loving and devoted husband only wanted to know... what did I do to her?

Don't you love it? It gives me such a warm and fuzzy feeling inside!


Amy said...

They have a lotta freakin' wierdos in this world. They are some of them :D

Briana said...

Seriously - tell these people to get over themselves. What f'ing losers. Come on - people pass all the time - get over it.

Me said...

I have learned that this was all about observing me driving behind them, deciding I was driving too fast, then stopping and pulling over to bitch me out.

At which point I passed, which infuriated them even more.

And the funny thing is, I was doing less than the customary 25 mph side street limit.

And I have been informed that the neighbors have observed their vigilante mission to bring down all the speeders on their street.