Sunday, September 7, 2008


This morning I whispered in Mr. Right's ear "should I eat some cereal or do you want to go get Dim Sum?". When he said I just rocked his world, I took that to mean Dim Sum.

We headed off to Shangri-La with Princess in tow. Note to self: picky 10 year olds won't eat Dim Sum no matter how hungry they are. I thought cute little appetizers were a win win, turns out not so much.

But before we left, I had an interesting conversation when I called to see if we needed reservations, with a Chinese guy named Toby (really?).

Toby: Shangri-La

Me: Hi, do we need reservations for Dim Sum?

Toby: Not if you come now.

Me: Oh, how about at 12:30?

Toby: For how many?

Me: There are 3 of us.

Toby: no, we never take reservations

Me: k.... thanks?

It was yummy but the next time it will be just the two of us. There will be some research first too (did she say chicken feet?).


Briana said...

LOL - the guy on the phone sounded retarded. DUH!!!

Briana said...

Another cat? Just get another littermaid and you'll be fine!

Mama's Losin' It said...

Be honest. You make those Ashley Loves you buttons yourself...don't you??

Becky :) said...

How funny is that about the conversation. Crack me up!!!

chris said...

My six-year old is half-chinese and has never had a grain of rice in his life.

Re your comment on my blog. I went there. Too funny. Thanks.

Monogramchick said...

So funny!
Just came over from Clemson Girl's site...glad I found you.
My hubs and I recently went to Mackinac Island...what a wonderful place to get married!
I'll be back to visit soon.

Amy said...

I have an award for you at my blog.

ieatmypigeon said...

I'm crazy about dim sum; I haven't had it here yet. Mmmm ... turnip cakes ....