Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Work it out Wednesday

My friend Ashley is addicted to Fly Lady. I think today is Work it out Wednesday. Ok. I plan to figure out a way to partition off my food in the refrigerator. If I don't have my Healthy Choice fudge bars I will kill someone. Also, why am I the only one who goes to the grocery store? I know this man had groceries before we were married? Something doesn't seem right.

My mom quite possibly has Alzheimer's. Seriously. My sister is trying to figure out a way to tackle this. I guess this is on her Work it out Wednesday list. Also, mommy dearest is getting spinal injections for pain. She doesn't even know what condition she is being treated for. My guess is osteoarthritis has reached a critical point. My sister thinks it may be even more serious and her back may start breaking.

I missed Princess' play at school last night. She was Mozart. I was looking forward to this. Why do they schedule these things at 6:30? By the time I left work at 5:30, there was ice on the roads to deal with. It took me an hour and a half to get home. I'm not sure if Princess is upset or not but I will see tonight. According to her mother she was supposedly near tears because I wasn't there. I've learned to take what her mother says with a grain of salt (or less). Hopefully I will have a Princess as Mozart picture to post later.

The baby fish are getting big. We cleaned out the fish tank last weekend and the swamp mess is now clean! I don't care what anyone says, the fish are happy. Now Oliver can see the fish better. He looks at me like "this show comes in so much better now". He is a goofy cat, I love him.

Haven't heard from my new renter (Janet). I need to stop calling her my renter. Mr. Right reminded me of the Eddie Murphy skit "cil my landlord cil my landlord".... "C I L my landlord". The biggest part of her move was last Saturday.

I'm going to treat myself to a new haircut at my RO salon on Friday so I will do a drive by on the house and a little stalking. I know, I just got my hair cut. I actually don't so much like it. Looks a little too republican for me. Need to go in a different direction (ie. back to the way it was). I feel like I have a bowl on my head.

Mr. Right said something this morning about going to Texas in April. I don't associate Texas with fun but he said it will be fun. This is work related and right away I'm suspicious that it is one of those 'come on down and work here yall' field trips. It's a weekend. It includes kids??? WTH? I was excited until I found out it wouldn't be a dirty couples weekend. They said something about daycare. Yeah right. I can just see Princess sitting in daycare (the Texas version of day care where they beat your kids into submission) while we go off and do something fun. Riiiight. That will happen. It was nice of Mr. Right to explain what the weather in Texas is like in April (as if I didn't live there for a year). I had to smile. Yeah, it's not hot in April, uh huh. Last time I checked, April is when grass cutting starts here and when I start to forget about winter. Last time I was in Texas in April I
just about threw myself off a bridge because I thought I would fry :) Why can't they plan these things for when northerners really need a winter break?

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