Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy Leap Day

Not only is it leap day but it's Friday, yay! Reasons for my good mood - not only is it Friday but it's snowing... and I'm going to RO first after work so I don't have to take my normal route home (which is a nightmare, only one way to go). I miss having 15 different ways to get home and I miss driving home through upscaleness.

Oh RO, let me count the ways I miss you.

1) my hair salon (do I need to say more?)

2) the downtown RO restaurants

3) the shopping

4) the parents - ok scratch that, turns out I don't miss them so much

5) the movies

6) the post office (that actually delivers mail on time)

7) my manicurist

8) people

Yes - people. There are actually people out and about and a bustling downtown area. Imagine that. I actually run into neighbors while I'm shopping and they ACTUALLY say hi!

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