Thursday, February 28, 2008

Justifiable Homicide

Dear Husband,
Don't get me wrong, I love you to death. With that said (your favorite phrase), you can be the most inconsiderate human.

When I'm about 3/4's of the way through watching Idol and you come in the room with your 9 yo daughter and grab the remote while she says "what else is on" and you flip it to Deal or No Deal, that may end up being where you meet your death. I thought this went without saying but I guess I was wrong.

This bizarre tendancy to put me in a situation where you ask me to tell you it's wrong (like your
12 and not 47) in front of said 9 yo is a crafty manipulation - cudos on that.

I'm pretty sure that nobody will be punished for your death because in our current judicial system, this constitutes justifiable homicide.

I have learned to live with your inconsiderate bathroom habits, your ability to eat $100 worth of food in 3 days then complain when there is nothing to eat, or the fact that the noise
of me cleaning up your mess in the kitchen while I'm supposed to be on my way to work bothers you while you are working...

but THIS - is not acceptable.

ps: using "um" after every third word during a work conference call is not a positive trait.


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Joni said...

I love this letter! I don't know why they think they own the remote! Don't even get me started on the bathroom! I am definitely happy that Canon is not using it too!