Monday, February 18, 2008

I love President's Day!

Happy President's Day to all my fellow Fed workers! These holidays are a perk I don't think I could ever give up. I like to use each one to shop a really cool find. This one is my IKEA wine rack. It is stainless steel so it looks so AWESOME next to my stainless fridge. Ok, I put Pellegrino bottles in it for now. I normally have about 6 bottles of good wine around the house. I don't like to keep too much because we don't drink it fast enough. Our trips up north to wine country usually mean a day of wine tasting and a house full of really good wine. Anyone who says that wine has to be made from grapes is crazy. Some of the best wine comes from cherries. Now I have seen wine being made from other fruits as well, like papaya.
This weekend was crazy around the house. We gave the house a heart transplant (new furnace). Why does it seem like it's always something? P is QUITE the handyman, he installed it with his brother (who is a furnace installer). This furnace we got is very efficient. Since I am so sensitive to airborne allergens, I can tell there is a definite improvement in the air quality. The furnace that was removed was totally shot. Just in time because although it was 50 yesterday, we are in for a cold week. I feel bad for my renter who is moving later this week (but I will still take her check!).

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