Friday, February 8, 2008

We have babies!

The other night, P was checking out the fish tank and low and behold... we have babies! Uh, I thought we had all female fish but obviously somebody was wrong and there is a boy in there. P had to remind me that I'm a liberal and these things happen, but I still am keeping my eye out for the culprit. Oliver loves to sit his head on his paws on the side of the tank and watch the fish from above. I can tell he is thinking the babies would make excellent sushi.


Briana said...

What kind of fish are they? We just got our tank up and going and bought some Molly's and Guppies. Now even one day after putting them in the tank we have 11 baby black Molly's. Hehe, so funny.

Madden said...

she must have been preggers when you bought her :)