Monday, October 20, 2008

Phone calls from school

Princess got in trouble at school, for deciding she wanted to sit in a different seat. The teacher's take on it was that she was asked to move back but said she wasn't going to. Then was sent to the principal's office and Mr. Right was called to come get her.

I can only imagine her panick "holy crap, didn't know that was going to happen".

The teacher also decided to add that it was the last straw with her, that she had been misbehaving for a while? (wow, that does not sound like her). He says she won't sit straight in her chair and when he tells her to she responds that her chair isn't comfortable. Ok, that one I can picture her pulling.

She was about to be grounded for quite a while (the girl she wanted to sit next to got in-school suspension, WTH?).

But after hearing her side, I'm not sure what to think. I don't want to be THAT parent who thinks their kid never does anything wrong and teachers are full of it. But Princess doesn't lie either, or if she tries it is really easy to catch her.

She says that there are some kids who sit around her that have been bugging her (throwing stuff at her and talking to her) and she can't concentrate. Before class started, she moved to another desk (instead of asking the teacher first). She says that when the teacher came in, he said for her to get back to her spot and she told him she wanted to prove to him she could sit there (it happens to be next to her friend). He told her to move it, she took her time, and he picked up the phone in the classroom and called the office.

I'm not sure why the friend she moved next to got in-school suspension, and Princess just got a call to home. That seems bizarre.

Friend was actually supposed to come to the house to play Friday night, so that was cancelled. We didn't ground Princess because... if her side of the story is what happened, they need to calm down. I explained to her the correct way to approach a teacher.

Should we have stuck it to her anyway?

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