Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I kid you NOT

I was tagged by Kimmguru to go to my 6th picture folder and post my 6th picture. At first I was a little worried (what if it's porn?) but when I went to my folder and saw it is this picture, I had to smile. I swear this is not gratuitous! You can check her comment on my Meme post if you don't believe me!

Big sigh. A picture of us looking at the Mackinac bridge on our wedding day.

And Kimmguru, Mr. Right says that Mr. Bigwood has to give up his name so he can have it.


Kimmguru said...
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Kimmguru said...

I love your picture! So beautiful, but I was secretly hoping for porn. Remember I owe you a meme now.

Mr. BIGWOOD is actually my asshole brother! We've been having an ongoing "to the death" feud since June....with no end in site! He received his name because my maiden name is "Smallwood" and the fact that he is so completely full of himself/shit....Mr. BIGWOOD only seemed fitting to say the least.

Mr. Right can assume the new name of Mr. BIGWOOD but only if you show visual proof that he is rightfully deserving of the name change. At that point I'll relinquish all rights to the said name and call my asshole bro something like.....Mr. ASSHOLE or something to be addressed at that time, possibly in a poll.