Friday, October 10, 2008


I got tagged for a Meme by Motherhood in NYC. I wasn't quick enough to dart my eyes away and pretend I didn't read it, and I stalk read her every day so I guess I should pay it forward. I'd also like to mention that the reason I read her blog every day is not only because she is a very funny writer and originally from Russia, but she does in fact live in Manhattan with her husband and kids. That facinates me. She doesn't have to cut grass, shovel snow, pick up the neighbor's dog poop, plant flowers, pull weeds, or even drive if she doesn't want to. To top it off, her post yesterday was about how she walks past the Saks Fifth Avenue window display every day. What the hell. The highlight of my commute to work is usually the hooptie that broke down in front of me (it wouldn't be Friday in good old Detroit without a hooptie in your way).

The idea here is to give 6 odd things about me.

1) I was a ballerina for 16 years. People who know me in person, will find that odd. And will laugh in my face. Thanks, in advance.

2) I wanted to be a nun when I was 14. Enough said.

3) I am still in touch with the first boyfriend I ever had, when I was 16.

(you can stop rolling your eyes now Mr. Right)

4) Henry Winkler kissed me on the cheek at Vantasia in 1977. That was when he was The Fonz. I was kindof a big deal after that.

5) I was the Queen of the Kootie Kissers in first grade.

6) I get motion sickness just riding an elevator.

Come to think of it, #3 is probably why #2 never happened.

Now I'm supposed to tag 6 bloggers to list 6 of their own odd things about themselves, I will start with my friend Briana, then Scargosun, Insane Mama, Fluffy Windover, I eat my pigeon, and Mama Fidel.

I'm not going to contact you all to let you know I've tagged you, but I will notice if you go with it.


Marinka said...

See, I would think that #4 is why #2 never happened. After all these years, it still seems like a huge deal to me! Have you washed your cheek since?


Briana said...

Oh I love you... You knew that :)

LOL about #3 and 2. I remember you told me about the nun thing! Ha!

I can totally see you being a ballerina. You are so girly girl...

The hooptie made me LOL....I don't miss that (but I miss you!)...

Lula! said...

My stars...
These are the BEST meme answers I have ever read.

And it is a Very Big Deal that The Fonz kissed you. I hope you haven't washed your cheek since then.


And I am jealous of your RHPS participation. I wanna throw toast...and squirt a water gun...and hold newspaper over my head...

scargosun said...

Ga! You and Kristen tagged me within days of each other!

Kimmguru said...

After reading this post I can see just HOW much you LOVE this things! I've tagged you for a fun picture game on my blog!