Monday, December 8, 2008

This is what we get

Princess is with us exactly half of the time. The other half, with her biological mother. Well, she is babysat by a TV there, to be more exact.

Yes, we walk around the house naked, make s'mores with the gas burners, and drink beer the whole time she is not at our house. Get over it.

There is a cat ("Kitty") at her mother's.
Oliver, my cat, is at our house.
Mr. Right's job was eliminated last week. Don't worry, we will be fine. I'm practicing walking on my hooker heels as I type this.

Out of the blue, Princess sends Mr. Right an email with simply "sorry about your job daddy". Awe, that's nice. She couldn't possibly want anything, right? She's a 10 year old little girl. Her motives must be pure.

Mr. Right's reply was "don't worry about it honey, but we will just have to be careful with Christmas presents this year".

[ahem, there is a Wii and Guitar Hero sitting in the middle of my living room waiting to be wrapped for her]

Her response, was "that is fine, all I want for Christmas is MY own cat", and this:

Daddy i love playing with oliver but haven't lately much. i would put the litter
box in our bathroom and i would clean it and feed my cat and train it like kitty
i would play with it on my free time and i would do my best to take very good
care of it it will eventualy get used to oliver and oliver would get used to my
cat that is mostly all I want for christmas!

There were some other emails directing him to talk me into it, and more about how much a cat doesn't cost anything. Insert my sideways smile here. Yeah, I sortof look like Elvis with long red hair when I do that.

I had flashbacks to the missing $8,000 I spent in vet bills for my last cat Smokey, over 16 years.

We are both feeling a bit manipulated. What is the deal with her cat at her mother's? What is this "a cat of my own" crap?

I told Mr. Right to keep it simple. Stick to "whose cat would it be when you are not at our house?" because that should be enough to throw her off track. I'm looking for ways to avoid telling her "hell to the no kid".


Lula! said...

Was this supposed to make me laugh or give you a big cyber hug and a sigh? 'Cause I did both.

I vote NO on a cat of her "own," for whatever that's worth. You can even tell her I said that. 'Cause I'm mean like that. Hell to the yes!

Mariah said...

Oh dear, the kissing up has began. I totally make smores off of the gas burner too!

Um, so the viking horn video... You need to find it

Briana said...

Oh are you gonna get Oliver a buddy? He's freak.

You are so funny.

Sorry about dh's job. That stinks. MI sucks!! At least we are still holding out.

I'll be there on the 23rd. I know you can't stand it. Be there with those heels. I wanna see.

Briana said...

Oh and I nominated you for an award because your blog rocks, but you knew that.