Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Consumer confidence rises in November

Today the Associated Press has a story all over the Netz about how, surprisingly, consumer confidence rose in November.

Um. That would be me. Sorry. I couldn't pass up all those great pre-Black Friday sales. Add to this, someone showed me how to google "coupon code" and use these little treats for online shopping.

Since I'm one of like 3 people with a job left in Michigan, I feel it is my duty.


insanemommy said...

Ha ha. I will not - NO, I REFUSE to buy into all the retail glory of the Christmas season. It's so gross to me especially when so many people are loosing their homes and or jobs! It's not about the "stuff".....

p.s. I prefer on-line shopping too!

Anna Lefler said...

You have inspired me to do my part to prop up the West Coast end of the economy!

(Somewhere in an office building in Los Angeles, a chill just came over my husband. Bwa-Ha-Ha!)

Have a bitchin' Thanksgiving!

:^) Anna