Friday, November 14, 2008

For My Friend Karen

Dear Karen,

Thank you for talking me in to getting a Kindle. Today alone made it worth the 300 bucks I spent on it. As you know, I got called back to the hospital for more glamour shots of my thyroid.

I have to tell you, the Image Center at that hospital is chock full of blue hair patients. They have no problem asking you "what are you here for?". No need to look mortified. I just buried my nose in my Kindle and ignored them all. I think there was a discussion about Cloris Leachman but I can't be sure, I tuned them out. One little lady was kind enough to offer me a butterscotch candy from her purse though. The lint was a bonus.

They left me sitting in the scan room afterwards until the radiologist felt like coming back from lunch to tell me they had everything they needed. Did I notice? Not so much. I whipped my Kindle out of my tote and Edgar Sawtelle kept me company. Not once did a 'what the hell' enter my mind. Which is a miracle because 'what the hell' is my motto these days.

Except, there is something to be said for sitting in the corner shaking like a nervous dog. I scored a coupon for a free icecream from the nurse. I must look 12 years old because she told me that I could get my icecream *after* I was done, and tousled my hair.

Ok, thanks.

I was thinking about keeping the identification bracelet on they gave me. This thing could come in handy for my 3 o'clock meeting with clients. Over the top?

By the way, you need to get these people on board with the latest hospital shoe fashion. They are still hung up on their Crocs (oi vey). I think a strongly worded email is in order with some links to the Keen website. Get a clue, people.

How much longer should I let Mr. Right sweat before I call him and tell him I'm ok? I've already gotten a dozen roses and a mixed boquet out of this deal, should I go for the Michael Kors Austin Cross Body bag, in black? You're right, that would be too mean. I do want that bag bad though...

See, you don't even have to answer me back. I can answer for you.



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Karen said...

Wow, a blogpost dedicated to me! That's a first :-) I am SO glad I talked you into that Kindle. It will be with you in good times and bad, which can't be said for most things in life.

I am glad Edgar Sawtelle kept you company (I need to read that). That's the power of good literature, on paper, or preferably, e-ink.

And I'm glad you didn't join in on that conversation about Cloris Leachman. What a crazed old lady she's been on that awful dancing show. Ugh.

I say go for the new Kors bag ;-) Mind as well milk this for all it's worth.

You're the best, and you'll be fine.


Karen xox