Monday, December 22, 2008

Emergency purchase

We have been married for 16 months now. From day one, there was something about the headboard that came with Mr. Right's king size water bed that I could not stand. Never could put my finger on it, so I put off buying a new one. I figured it was in our bedroom, out of the way, there were other things that were more important to tackle. A vibrating barcalounger for one.

Still, it haunted me.

I would walk by it, stop. Ponder. Was it the mirror in the middle? No. Well, that wasn't the biggest factor. I was down with that.

Was it the wood grain veneer? Not... exactly.

Was it the built in lights? No, I kinda liked that for reading at night.

Was it the built in shelves? No. I surprisingly had become a bookshelf headboard convert.

Then one day I was cleaning (it happens). I discovered it. CANDLE WAX on our marriage bed. Uh, we have never had candles in the bedroom.

I went online immediately and ordered this. It came and within hours Mr. Right was putting it together and the old headboard is now firewood.

From the Bedrooms N More website I submit to you the Skank Free Bookshelf Headboard:


Call Me Cate said...

Oooh, I'm a big fan of skank free furniture. Good for you!

Amy said...

That is a nice one :)

Lula! said...


"Skank Free Bookshelf Headboard."

That is win. WIN! You win. Best laugh I'll have all day, I feel confident in 9 am. Yep.

Anna Lefler said...

Ooooh, yeah. It was that or an exorcist.

"Out OUT, I command thee, foul psychic remnants of previous low-standard skankiness!

That outta do it.