Friday, May 16, 2008

Poetic Justice

Last summer around this time I was nervously getting my house prepared to put on the market. I was getting married. I was moving 20 miles away to green acres.

I went with a Century21 realtor guy who seemed to have the highest stats online.

Immediately I found myself filling the flyer box for him. I sent him corrections to the online listing. I took pictures and asked him to replace his with mine. As much as I think my house is perfect and the cutest house in all this quaint highly-sought-after town, my senses told me he listed it for too high. Precious summer months went by while it was listed for too much.

I asked him to lower it. Again. Again. and Again x 10.

Then I was in scary territory where it started to feel like I was about to give my house away. Also, the wedding had passed and my house was just sitting there all alone now (I cried at least once a day about this). Summer was gone. Winter was looming. The holidays were coming fast.

I was a wreck. I don't wish this scenario on my worst enemy.

I told realtor guy "if I go any lower I may as well rent it out".

His response felt like a con "there are so many people leaving the state I can tell you that you won't get what you think for rent".

Really? Hmmmm.

The next day I did get an offer that I countered after rejecting their first officer. Almost a week later I had to hunt my realtor down and he told me, I quote word for word: "I guess they weren't interested in your counter because they haven't called".

About two days later, I was sitting on a conference call with this guy while Mr. Right fired him (I'm such a chicken shit).

We waited for the holidays to be over (and yes, drove the 20 miles through 2 snow storms to get there to shovel snow, oh man). Then decided to list it for rent on Craig's List. Free. Let's see what happens then start investing in other marketing. Deep breath. Submit.

Immediately there was a line for showings. These people made me feel like I wasn't asking enough. I was amazed at how many solid people were in the rental market, unable or unwilling to get a mortgage under the current fiasco (everywhere, not just our state). Looks like this was a nitch my realtor didn't want me to know about.

Went with a girl. Loves gardening. Really respects the fact that I care so much about my house. Thinks the house is the cutest place ever. Is taking great care of it. Wants to reglaze the tub (what does that tell you?). I could go on and on but she has lived there for 4 months now and she is absolutely perfect. Not to mention, paying me rental income that the realtor said I would never get. She is a property manager (which is flattering I guess) with connections to "get stuff done if she needs to".


So we are having new gutters put on our new house. Mr. Right calls Home Depot for an estimate. Who do you think shows up? That's right. My realtor guy. Dressed in an orange Home Depot vest.

When Mr. Right asked why did his name sound so familiar... "you probably heard about me from the real estate market, I quit that because it was just too hard".


Doing quotes for Home Depot. In your face!


Carrie said...

Just dropping in to say hi, do you still do fly lady? I used to because I thought you had to only clean fifteen minutes a day. I didn't know it mean fifteen minutes and ten fifteen more minutes and then another fifteen more minutes. Before you know that woman had me flinging and decluttering all day. That is no way to live ;)

Madden said...

I totally agree. That is waay too much. I just use Flylady for a few tips and tricks here and there.

Some people follow her like a religion. Me, not so much.

Kathy said...


Kathy said...


Susan said...

I am sorry your C21 agent was useless! I am a REALTOR with C21and yes the job is hard but if you actucally call your sellers/buyers it makes it a lot easier! Home Depot? Funny

Just a Country Girl said...

Very similar realtor never showed the house herself and as far as I know, only 2 others looked at it. No marketing at all! We lowered the price 4 times. She finally asked to lower it to a price 5,000 less than what I owe and I said no (there's no extra money left in my savings) and when our contract was up, I let her go. Haven't found a new one yet. Blech.