Monday, May 5, 2008

Princess Rules

She is 9 and from her perspective, she thinks she is turning 29. Wants highlights. Wants eye liner. Doesn't get mommy and daddy's aversion to it. Thinks she is playing me. I'm really playing her. You get the picture.

It's the cutest thing EVER to hear her talk about life. I have the interesting perspective as the step-mother. I'm in the middle, but seem to be on her side. I made the mistake of buying her a padded training bra a few weeks ago. She was exstatic because it was more comfortable than those ride up contraptions that are useless (no, she doesn't even need one yet, but whatever).

Mommy. Not so happy. Called daddy pissed. Threw it away.

Princess did inform me this weekend that she explained to mommy why I bought it (padded) for her (that it had nothing to do with wanting her to look like a Pretty Baby). If I'm not mistaken, it was another of about 15 different lane changes she has made in an attempt to get me to buy her another one.

Daddy... is oblivious.

Me... I'm having fun with her.

Then, there was the American Idol conversation that completely cracked me up. How long has American Idol been around now... like 6 years I think? Princess is 9. So, as far as she is conserned, American Idol has always been around and that is how people become singers and get to have a song played on the radio.

THEN... we actually let her watch her first scary movie. Cloverfield (it was rated PG-13 but not quite appropriate come to find out). She seems to have a facination with scary things, and she is (yes I'm going to say it) very mature for her age, so we watched it with her.

Nightmares? no.

She didn't even blink during the movie.

The only thing that scared her was daddy trying to scare her during the movie.

When I mentioned in the beginning of the movie that maybe it was terrorists that were attacking New York City, she asked me "what is a terrorist, what is that?".

Wow. It hit me. She has missed everything. She is 9, seems so mature compared to her friends... but wow, she has missed everything.

What is in store for her?

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Penny said...

I have an 8-year-old who sounds exactly like your stepdaughter!

How is step-parenting? I sometimes worry my bf thinks he oversteps or something, but he's the main man in the kids lives....

? I duuno.