Friday, March 14, 2008

It's Disney not Texas!

We found out that Mr. Rights's work is sending us to Disney World! This is great news and definitely much more fun than what I was imagining. Pretty impressive that his work can afford to send everyone to Disney. I could iceskate in hell before my work would spring for that! Princess (to say the least) is way excited. She went to Disney last summer with her cousins, but this time she is looking forward to showing Disney to Daddy and Me. I'm afraid for Space Mountain though, the way she has described it. Crap. She LOVES roller coasters and nothing can stop her.

This will be a great start to the summer. We need to get some more away time planned, I'm hoping for some camping at Petoskey. I did this with my family as a kid and loved it. The beach, the camp sites, all of it. It's a great place for kids.

First thing I told Princess is SUMMER CLOTHES SHOPPING. She is all about the clothes now :) A girl after my own heart. I remember when she was a baby and couldn't care less. Back then, clothes were for wiping food on. They grow up so fast. To Princess though, it has been forever. She doesn't even remember a time before Me. I love to remind her that the first thing she said to me (I didn't know she could talk before this) was "... do you like spaghetti and meatballs because daddy is making spaghetti and meatballs". At 3 years old, I was impressed. Turns out, she is quite smart. I have a feeling she will be like her dad (Rainman) in that respect.

I will post the Disney pictures as soon as I can!


Joni said...

That is EXCITING news! Summer clothes shopping for a girl would be a blast! Have fun ;0)

chris said...

Disney. Swoon. Drink lots of water! When during the Summer are you going? I hope your husband's job is footing the bill for a nice hotel. Check out for tons of information on your trip.

Have fun!