Thursday, August 23, 2007

Big Daddy and The Wedding Dinner

I have to confess, I didn't get a chance to take many pictures of the wedding with my own camera. We were busy living in the moment and the photographer took a ton. As soon as we get those, I will scan some of them in and post. Here is P at dinner after the ceremony. Wasn't he studly! The ceremony started promptly at 4:00. As I got ready in our room, I could hear the harpist below when she started to play because room was directly above the west end of the porch where we got married (overlooking the lake/bridge). The wedding coordinator called me a few minutes before 4 to come down and take a few pictures before I entered the porch. My boquet was perfect - all Ivory roses liked I requested. Then, I walked the length of the porch while all the people who gathered congratulated me as I walked the length of the porch toward P :) We were the attraction of the hotel that day. The wedding carriage that showed up after the ceremony had two beautiful thoroughbread horses and a driver who looked like Kid Rock :) loved it! The photographer followed on her bike. We took pictures for 2.5 hours and it just about wore me out. Which, is another reason I wasn't interested at the time in taking any more pictures. Afterward, we had a special seat in the hotel dining room. The jazz band played every night. We also had a champagne toast and a wedding cake. After dinner we walked around the hotel while about 300 people congratulated us. Later there was dancing in the ballroom. That was special. As we entered, everyone applauded. I almost cried. Up until that point, I was fine and P was the one who cried during the ceremony. I was laughing during the ceremony - I was so happy. I was determined to live in the moment and not miss anything. After we danced in the ballroom, we went up to the Cupola Lounge to finish off the evening with a few more cocktails. Then, off to bed. We were both worn out (and secretly couldn't get enough of that view of the bridge at night).

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