Sunday, July 13, 2008

If I can do it YOU can do it

I have never been a crafty person. Cannot. Sew. Period. End. Of. Story.
But wait...

I am a person who, when I put my mind to it, I will figure out a way to get anything done. Anything.

I have always hated to ask people to sew for me (mother, Asian dry cleaning lady, tailor guy who groped me, etc.). Finally caved and took myself to Sears, purchased a Kenmore sewing machine . Read the instructions, actually got it threaded. If you are looking to learn, check out the reviews on it.

Went to Joann Fabrics and got this really cool plaid fabric that goes very well with my bedroom paint. Half off. Uh huh, that's right.

No pattern. I was inspired by The Nester to just wing it. Sew some hems, some edges, the top, a hole for the rod. Then wa la... (yes, those are verticle blinds underneath, shut up - they are going soon).

Can't even believe it. I am so proud of myself. Then I made a matching valance for the attached master bath (the paint is a few shades lighter in there). I even got fancy and put on a fringe. I had to rip this fringe out of the ladies hands at Joann's when she started to ogle it just a little too much.

Mine sucka.

I highly recommend using a plaid pattern to learn to sew on. It made straight lines a no brainer, even for me. And, the Kenmore model 15343 sewing machine.


Briana said...

You rock. I can't sew...not at all.

Ashley said...

I cannot believe how ;good you did!! My mistreatment fabric has been sitting on a chair for months, waiting for my cat to puke on it.

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

Oh my GOSH - I got a that same machine, and started with PLAID CURTAINS!!!!! Plaid DOES indeed rock (for a myriad of reasons) and it is the best for learning to sew! Can't wait to see your future projects!