Tuesday, April 24, 2007

April 24, 2007

The day has been set! P and Me will be married on Mackinac Island at the Grand Hotel on August 20th. Now that the wedding consultant has been booked, it is starting to feel very real. This will be the most romantic wedding ever. We will arrive at the Grand Hotel from Ferry via St. Ignace on August 19th. Dress for dinner! The ceremony will be the next day at 4:00 pm on the porch. After spending the day at the spa and getting Me prepared, we will make our way to the porch where the officiate, Marty (the coordinator), the harp, the photographer, and the videographer will be waiting for us. We chose the spot on the porch so that we can overlook the lake. We are all about the water! More details on that later I'm sure. After the ceremony, we will of course have photos taken around the hotel. Then, a wedding carriage ride around the island. If we can get Robert Jerstrom to do the photography, he will follow our wedding carriage and capture it all in photos! Funny. After that, back to the exquisite main dining room for a champage toast, dinner, wedding cake, and dancing.

Hopefully, there will be no wedding dress selection drama!

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